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Otoplasty is the surgical correction of "fan ears". The current trend is to correct the defect already at school age, in order to avoid psychological problems since childhood.

The intervention is usually carried out under local anesthesia; as far as children are concerned a light general anesthesia can be a better choice.
The ears are reshaped by working on cartilaginous skeleton, saddling the ears to the head in their natural position and recreating natural creases which were previously absent.
Depending on the type of malformation, the scars will be placed on the back surface of the ear, in a hardly visible position, while in other cases, three small incisions are performed at the frontal part: the latter normally heal completely without hardly leaving any visible sign.

After surgery, the patient is asked to be wearing an elastic band for a week so as facilitate the new ear sculpting and prevent unwary ear movements while sleeping. After seven days, the sutures will be removed, and the patient will be able to resume their normal activities.