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A new approach to anti-aging treatment, not only of the face and neck but also of the body is represented by the soft lift with PDO wires (polidiossanone). The polidiossanone is a synthetic wire both for subcutaneous skin and deep structures which it is slowly reabsorbed (about 8 months). Polidiossanone wires are medical devices already used effectively for some time, both in general and cardiovascular surgery, to obtain a stimulatory effect on collagen proliferation and give support to the tissue. These devices, as well as better defining the mandibular profile, are also suitable for other areas such as:

  • frontal and supraciliary region
  • periocular region
  • zygomatic /malar region
  • cheek region
  • subchin region
  • neck
  • upper arm
  • internal thig
  • front thig
  • buttocks

The procedure involves inserting the threads, placed on very small and thin needles, in the skin thus enhancing partial repositioning of sagging skin. It is necessary to use needles that compared to the ones traditionally used, have the same outer diameter but a greater inner diameter as this will cause less hassle to the patient.

The action of the threads is not to give an immediate lifting effect but a more compact-skin effect. Moreover, compared to surgical lifting, in selected cases characterized by moderate ptosis, this technique is:

- less demanding than surgery;
- less stressful for the patient;
- well tolerate;
- does not require any anesthesia;
- does not require hospital admission;
- is free from surgical side effects - gives good tissue tension.

Polidiossanone micro-threads have a thickness range between 0.05 and 0.20 mm and, during manufacture, are inserted in very thin needles like the ones used to inject insulin or just a little thicker. The length of both needles and threads vary depending on the area to treat: those used for the body, because the areas to be treated are wider are normally longer than those used for the face whose skin surface is smaller. The application, at least in most cases, does not require any anesthesia and it is usually sufficient to apply ice onto the treated area. The positioning of needles (and its threads), is performed following the skin tension lines to create a network able to unfold the tissue. Therapy sessions: one or more sessions every 3/4 months. After the treatment, the patient can immediately resume their normal daily routine. If any bruises are visible, they can be masked with camouflage.

How it acts
The insertion of the threads into the skin creates a partial self-induced biological lifting through two mechanisms:

  1. Biostimulation: the action performed by the threads offers good toning effect by increasing metabolism and a trophic one which stimulates the microcirculation thus improving the skin radiance effect.
  2. Mechanical stimulating or soft-lift action. As a matter of fact, the mechanical input applied to a body determines effects that vary according to the quality and quantity of the stimulation. As a result, mechanical stimulation (either compressing, stretching or pulling), creates a response of the body that can be positive or less depending on the type of stimulation exercised . This is what also happens with threads used for aesthetic treatments. The latter, once positioned into the skin, due to their positioning in the needle they are contained in, assume a very narrow V-shape; then due to the tissue tension, the thread tends to open, like an umbrella, creating an arc of tension which, in turn is responsible for a light tissue distension. This also produces a stimulation of the derma that is absorbed by the tissue in which the thread is inserted, by the matrix between the cells and finally by the cells themselves. The latter perceive the stretching and assimilate it by means of some receptors - called CD-18 - located outside the cells. Il tessuto connettivo ricco di fibroblasti che provvedono allo stato di salute della cute; queste cellule, sensibili all'azione dei fili cominciano, sollecitati dalla spinta meccanica, a produrre collagene e tutti i componenti responsabili del turgore cutaneo. The connective tissue is rich in fibroblasts that ensure the good state of health of the skin; being sensitive to the action of the threads and stimulated by mechanical force, these cells begin to produce collagen and all the components responsible for the firmness of the skin . Moreover, they can also take on such contractile potential that they exert slight traction on the surrounding tissues.


After about 6/8 months, the threads are absorbed in a completely natural and harmless way due to an hydrolytic action. However, bio-stimulation and the lifting effects still last because the support provided by the threads has meanwhile generated a significant endogenous stimulation whose benefits will remain visible much longer.

Finally, there are some wires characterized by the presence of mono or bidirectional pins that can be used either together or without the above mentioned mono-filament threads. Their action facilitates the aggregation of the tissues producing a soft-lift effect and a revitalization that become evident 15-20 days making skin texture look rejuvenated. Subsequently, the process beneficial to the skin continues, strengthening over the following months.